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Our Membership Engagement Work

UJS aim to provide experiences and opportunities for all of our members. Whether you want to meet new friends, take part in national tournaments, sports or your local community, we're here to help you get involved!

Take a look at the work we've been doing in this area, and visit the Membership Engagement Hub for all the details, and more information!


What We've Done

What We're Doing

Relaunched Jewniversity Challenge

Continuing our national programming from last year

Year of Student Sport

Creating new networks for international students

Reviving 'Aleph' for the modern student era

Supporting JSocs to facilitate more informal social events


To learn more about our Membership Engagement, contact Jacob or call 0207 424 3288


You can view the relevant policies here. The actions listed are based on the following policies:

  • CA14  UJS to support JSocs in becoming conciliatory authorities for Jewish issues on campus 
  • CA9  Supporting Jewish delegates and other Jewish attendees at NUS Conferences 
  • UJ48  Improving Accountability & Transparency at UJS 
  • UJ2 Make Convention Happen At An Accessible Time For All
  • CO1 Jsocs to Form a Better Relationship with the Progressive Movements on Campus
  • UJ16  UJS @ Pride
  • CA8  Jewish Life at University guide for Students' Unions and Universities 
  • CA17  Improving UJS Leadership Campus Visibility 
  • CA20  Working with, not against, scholars. 
  • UJ7  An international Jewish student exchange 
  • UJ13   Increased Sports Representatives 
  • UJ14  Jewish Society Collaboration 
  • UJ16  UJS to adopt ‘Yerushalayim’ by Miami Boys Choir as its official anthem 
  • UJ22  Provision for students over 21 
  • UJ27  Jewniversity Challenge 2: Electric Boogaloo 
  • UJ29  Cross Country Inclusion and Support 
  • UJ30  Means Tested JSoc Funding and additional funding for small JSocs 
  • UJ31  More UJS trips 
  • UJ37  Aleph, bet, gimel : Aleph to continue into the future 
  • UJ51  Adequacy Assurance for JSoc Committees' Training 
  • UJ52  Providing Well-Advertised and Comprehensive JSoc Committee Training 
  • UJ18 Support for Smaller Jsocs
  • UJ14  Inclusivity of UJS Events to Encourage Scottish, Northern Irish, and Welsh Access
  • UJ5 Supporting Jewish Healthcare Students
  • UJ7  Extra Funding for Smaller Jsocs
  • UJ25  Creation of a London JSoc Forum
  • UJ32 UJS For ALL Jewish Students
  • UJ6 UJS Law Network
  • UJ8  UJS to Support Art Students
  • UJ190 Social Action Network
  • UJ17  Including Irish and Northern Irish Students
  • CO9  Improving JSoc Connections with their Local Jewish Community
  • CO8  Supporting International Students
  • UJ34  Improving provisions for coeliac / gluten free food at JSoc events. 
  • UJ41  Better provision for medical students/ older students 
  • UJ17  UJS to form a series of industry networks for Jewish students 
  • UJ47  UJS Year Abroad Network 

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