Our Work

Our Mental Health Work

UJS continuously advocates for mental health awareness, through workshops, collaborations and campaigns, to enable students to enjoy university life and opportunities to the fullest. 

Take a look at the work we've been doing in this area, and visit the Mental Health Hub for all the details, and more information!




What We've Done

What We're Doing

Partnered with Jami to support JSocs holding
Mental Health Awareness Shabbats

Introducing a dedicated UJS Sabbatical Officer
responsible for Mental Health Awareness. 

Introduced support systems for students in need

Creating new resources to enable students
on campus to talk more openly about Mental Health

Hosted online information events about
Mental Health Support

Offer Mental Health training to JSoc Committees


To learn more about our Mental Health work
contact Taliah or call 0207 424 3288


You can view the relevant policies here. The actions listed are based on the following policies:

  • CA4  Improving mental health sign-posting 
  • UJ28  Mental Health Support and First Aid Training to JSocs 
  • CA10  Mental Health Support for All
  • UJ19 Mental Health Awareness Shabbat
  • CO4  Stop the Stigma - Men's Mental Health

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