Our Work

Our Combatting Antisemitism Work

A central part of the UJS Campaigns Team's Work is combatting Antisemitism on campus, both proactively and reactively. UJS train University and Students' Union Staff on Antisemitism Awareness, and defend students in instances of discrimination.

Take a look at the work we've been doing in this area, and visit the Campaigns Hub for all the details, and more information!

What We've Done

What We're Doing

Nationwide antisemitism awareness training
sessions for 100s of universities and students' unions

Launching the Jewish Experience Week (J.E.W.) to
put the variety of Jewish experiences on campus
front and centre

100+ universities have adopted the IHRA definition

Supporting Jewish students in the wake of
NUS Conference 2022-23 and Jewish delegates
attending in 2023-24

Held NUS to account in tackling a hostile
environment for Jewish students

Working with universities and SUs to help them best support their Jewish students and fight antisemitism

To learn more about our campaigns,
contact Guy or Emi, or call 0207 424 3288


You can view the relevant policies here. The actions listed are based on the following policies:

  • CO11  Combatting antisemitism denialists 
  • CA3  Love Thy Neighbour: Tackling Antisemitism and Islamophobia Together 
  • CA10  UJS Antisemitism training 
  • CA11  Assisting University Disciplinary Processes 
  • CA14  UJS to support JSocs in becoming conciliatory authorities for Jewish issues on campus 
  • CA3  Fighting Antisemitism with the Jewish Labour movement
  • CA6  Committing to Fight all Forms of Antisemitism
  • CA4  Antisemitism Awareness Weeks
  • UJ19  Reaffirmation of CST as the Port of Call on Campus in Dealing With Antisemitism and Protecting Jewish Students on Campus
  • CA2 Continue to Adopt the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism
  • CA7  Tackling Antisemitism… Proactively
  • CA4  Combat Antisemitism Amongst the UCU and Academic Bodies
  • CA5  Expand Antisemitism Awareness Training to All Senior Management at University Campuses
  • CA9  Combatting Antisemitism In NUS
  • CA12  Taking A Proactive Approach to Fighting Antisemitism
  • CA16  UJS to Campaign for Reform and Awareness of Complaints Reporting at Universities
  • CA17  Strengthening UJS' Commitment to Fighting Hate Speech on Campus
  • CO2 Combat Online Hate Speech and Antisemitism
  • CA7  UJS and Students' Unions 
  • CA3  Holocaust Education
  • CA11  Israel Trips for Non-Jewish Students

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