Our Work

Our Careers Work

Student life doesn't begin and end with university. At UJS we look to support our members throughout including providing advice and opportunities for taking the next steps in your career.

Visit the Careers Hub for advice, sessions, and networks. If you are an apprentice, join the Apprenticeship Network or if you are on a placement year, join the Placement Year Network.

What We've Done

What We're Doing

Maintained our networks

Introduced a dedicated Sab for Apprentices and Careers

Provided post-study opportunities and advice

Launched our Apprenticeship Programme

Amended the constitution to include apprentices
as part of our membership

Expanding our range of student and alumni networks,
and providing more targeted career advice sessions

To learn more about Careers and Apprenticeships,
contact Matty, or call 0207 424 3288

You can view the relevant policies here:

  • UJ5 Supporting Jewish Healthcare Students (Lapses 2023)
  • UJ47  UJS Year Abroad Network (Lapses 2025)
  • UJ26 Alumni-Student Networking Events (Lapses 2024)
  • UJ17  UJS to form a series of industry networks for Jewish students (Lapses 2025)
  • CA9  UJS to Promote Opportunities for UK Students to Study in Israel (Lapses 2023)
  • CA1  UJS and higher education  (Lapses 2025)

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