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UJS Leadership Fellowship


Applications have now closed for the UJS Leadership Fellowship. For any questions please contact Sarah.

The UJS Leadership Fellowship is an exclusive programme for the future leaders of the Jewish community.

Through the fellowship, which lasts from January to May 2024, students will have the opportunity for high-level leadership development, networking with industry leaders, and overseas travel.

Throughout the programme, you will have a chance to build connections with other students across the programme, who will be the future leaders of our society, as well as student leaders from across the world. This will also be an opportunity to enhance your CV by developing leadership, advocacy, and teamwork skills.

The fellowship will consist of two tracks: community and political.

The community track will focus on promoting cross-communalism, professional life within the Jewish community, working with other faith communities, and giving students the confidence to be the future leaders of our community.

The political track will focus on advocacy and campaigning skills, and will include the opportunity to engage with high-level political figures and assess the challenging political questions of tomorrow.

Both tracks will also focus on the key challenges and solutions to the biggest issues facing Israel. The two tracks will unite for launch and closing events, as well as trips and some seminars.

Any university or Further Education student can apply for the leadership fellowship using this form by Monday 8th January 2024.

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