How we work


UJS is a democratic, peer-led students' union. At the helm is the President, who is elected each December and takes up their post at the start of the following academic year. The President leads a team of sabbatical officers and full-time staff - meet them here. Together, the President and sabbatical team are responsible for running the union, making sure that the policy passed at UJS' annual Conference becomes reality and supporting J-Socs and Jewish students on campus. All our work is guided by our core values.

UJS' National Council is a group of five student members who are elected at UJS' annual Conference. They are responsible for scrutinising decisions made by the President, ratifying amendments to the bye-laws, ensuring the President upholds the core values of UJS and providing feedback from students about student initiatives and the reputation of UJS. They focus on topics such as social action, liberation, communication, education and inclusivity.

If you are interested in running to be on National Council, get in touch with the President

As a democratic union, we are governed by a constitution - read it here.


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