UJS Presidential Elections 2023-24

Presidential Candidates 2024/25

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The UJS Presidential Election for 2024-25 is here! Have YOUR say in the future leadership of YOUR union.

REGISTER TO VOTE AT WWW.UJS.ORG.UK/JOIN (ensure you include graduation year and institution)

Have a look at the candidates' manifestos and videos below.

More information on how to vote is listed at the bottom of the page.

(Presidential Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by surname)

We will be announcing the winner on Sunday 10th December at the end of UJS Conference. You can Click Here to submit a motion to Conference.



Sami BERKOFF, University of Durham

Hi, my name is Sami. I am the Durham JSOC president, and I'm running to be your next UJS president. Going from a non-Jewish school to Durham, where there is a small Jewish community, I have always had to fight for my Jewish voice to be heard. I have helped grow Durham JSOC from having less than 15 people at Friday night dinners to more than 50 - creating a safe and supportive environment for Jewish students. Given my experiences, I bring a new and unique perspective on UJS, allowing me to help, listen and support all JSOCs. I introduced and ran antisemitism workshops throughout colleges, and I pushed Durham's Student Union to sign the UJS pledge, one of only five unis. There have only been six female UJS presidents in the last 20 years, and no female candidates for the past two; I am keen to advocate for female students to make sure they are seen and heard. From RSY leadership and Mazkirut to my CST training, I am a confident and creative Jew who deeply cares for our community’s safety, welfare and enjoyment.

Click here for Sami's full manifesto, here for a plain text version, and here for her campaign video.


Samantha CASS, University of Leeds

Hi, I’m Samantha, a final-year history student, a devoted Taylor Swift fan, and your UJS president candidate! With involvement in both large Jewish student communities and those with limited representation, I will prioritize an inclusive, welcoming, and fun campus experience. Having been on J-Soc committee and National Council, I've seen UJS bridge gaps, combat antisemitism and improve Jewish student lives. I will place Jewish students at the centre of UJS, focusing on an enriched Jewish experience by streamlining how we operate, fostering a safe, inclusive space for all, and amplifying all Jewish voices.

Click here for Samantha's full manifesto, here for a plain text version, and here for her campaign video. 


Josh COHEN, University of Nottingham

Hi, I’m Josh and I’m standing to be your next UJS President.
Since October 7th, the importance of UJS has become clearer than ever. Difficult times need a candidate with serious experience. From UJS National Council to NUS National Scrutiny Council and from the Holocaust Educational Trust to Students for Uyghurs, whether on campus or online, I have extensive experience of representing Jewish students and fighting for the issues that matter to YOU. I’ve spoken to students from every corner of the religious and political spectrums across the UK and Ireland. I have listened to YOU and put together a set of concrete policies I will deliver for YOU if I win.

Click here for Josh's full manifesto, here for plain text version and here for his campaign video!

Re-Open Nominations (R.O.N.)

There’s a candidate called R.O.N. for every single election within UJS. Are you wondering who RON is?

RON isn’t a person, it’s an acronym, and it stands for Re-Open Nominations. If you submit a vote for R.O.N, you’re telling us that you don’t think that any of the candidates is right for the role, and that we should restart the process to find better candidates. If RON gets the most votes, then no candidates win, and we will start the nominations process again.

We think it’s important that voters always have the option to vote for RON – your leadership should represent you, and if you don’t think any candidate represents you, then you should tell us.


Voting opens on Sunday 26th November 2023

In order vote you must have registered on the UJS website and be a Jewish student. When registering to vote you must include your university and graduation year.

Once voting opens, you should receive a voting key by email. If you do not receive this please get in touch with [email protected] - make sure you check all your mailboxes as well as your junk mail

Voting closes at 23:59 on Thursday, 7th December 2023.

Only Jewish students are eligible to vote in this election - for more information, find our constitution and by-laws here

To view the rules around UJS Presidential elections please click here. 

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