Exploring Zionism: An exciting week ahead on campus

UJS, in partnership with the Jewish Agency, are delighted to be brining Gil Troy on a campus tour this week. Author of The Zionist Ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland – Then, No, Tomorrow, Troy is an expert on Zionism’s history and its thinkers. Troy divides thinkers into six schools of thought, ranging from Labour Zionism, to religious Zionism, to political Zionism.

Gil will be visiting UCL, Queen Mary, Warwick, Leeds, Manchester, and Central London Friday Night Dinner on his tour. It will give students in attendance the chance to delve into the history of the movement behind the creation of the State of Israel, and the diverse range of thinkers and visions behind it.

Aside from hearing from an expert in his field, this week is also going to be about showcasing the range of voices and opinions that Jewish students in the UK have about Zionism and Israel. From those who identify as progressive Zionists, to religious Zionists, political Zionists, and non-Zionists, Jewish students come from a huge range of backgrounds and beliefs when it comes to the topic of Zionism.

That should be celebrated, and this campus tour is a great opportunity to do just that. At each event Gil is speaking at, a UJS staff member will be encouraging those in attendance to speak to a camera about their connection to Zionism, and what role that plays in their lives.

So this is an invitation to all students, open to everyone, across the political, religious and cultural spectrum. To those who identify with any strand of Zionism, to those who do not, engage with us, express your identity and your thoughts, and hear from a brilliant speaker!

By Daniel Kosky, UJS Campaigns Organiser

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