Guess who's back...

What a week we’ve had! We’ve travelled by plane, train, bus and car, and some of us have ventured further out of North West London than ever before. We’ve been up to Glasgow and Edinburgh, down to Exeter and Canterbury and at 35 J-Socs in between… And we’re not done yet! Look out for us next week at a whopping 32 more campuses, including Bournemouth, East Anglia, Nottingham and several in London. In the meantime, here are some highlights from the past week…

Leeds J-Soc had a fantastic week, attending fairs at three different campuses across the city. J-Soc President Dana Winter said: ‘On our first day of Freshers’ Fair we had over 80 people signing up and showing interest. I am more than excited for the next 2 Fairs and the year ahead.’ The first Friday Night Dinner is tonight! Buy the Leeds J-Soc Freshers bundle, including your FND ticket, here.

Sussex J-Soc started the year with a hugely exciting and record-breaking 50 signups! We’re super excited for them. Their first event is a sushi Friday Night Dinner, followed by a social this weekend – get in touch for more information.

Glasgow J-Soc had a successful Freshers’ fair with 20 sign-ups including lots of international students.

Birmingham J-Soc kicked off the term with a barbecue for over 80 people including both Freshers and returning students. Josh Seitler (UJS President), and James Graham (J-Soc Officer) had a great time meeting old friends and new faces. To buy tickets for Birmingham J-Soc's first Friday night dinner, click here.


Kent J-Soc might be small, but their presence at the Societies Fair was mighty! Joined by the local Chabad Rabbi, they introduced other societies to the sound of the Shofar and offered explanations as to what was going on –Shofar-blowing lessons included! With sign-ups from 38 Jewish and non-Jewish students who are interested in learning more about the Jewish religion and culture, the committee is planning their first event for Rosh Hashanah - watch this space for more information.


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About UJS

We are the voice of over 8,500 Jewish students, spanning 60 Jewish Societies (J-Socs) on campuses across the UK and Ireland. We are traditional, progressive, cultural and spiritual; we come from the left, centre and right and can be found across religious and political spectrums.

Together we create and deliver powerful campaigns; fighting prejudice, advancing inclusion, and inspiring education and action on the issues that matter to us. 


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