Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial Day 2018

UJS is proud to engage a host of students, from a multitude of faith and non-faith backgrounds to partake in the commemoration of the Holocaust. The living memory of the Holocaust is paramount to the role UJS plays in the student community.

Last year, Jewish societies hosted 38 Holocaust Memorial Day events over 27 campuses around the UK, engaging 1200 students all together.

This year, we want to engage more students on more campuses. We are proud to be working with NUS and HET on Our Living Memory, a project that aims to engage students from different backgrounds in Holocaust Education. We believe that it should not just be the responsibility of Jewish students to take the lead in education and commemoration, but all students should be engaged in remembering the atrocities that occurred during the 20th century.

How can you get involved?

The best way to get involved in Holocaust Memorial Day on campus is to run an event! Holocaust Memorial Day is on 27th January, but you can hold an event at any time that you think will work best for your students. Don’t worry if you’ve never organised an event before, we’re here to help you along the way by providing ideas and resources to use.

If you’re from a students’ union and want to receive our free resource guide, sign up here.

From the beginning of January, we’ll have online resources that you can use to help with running your event, including poems and survivor testimonies to read.

For more readings and survivor testimonies, see the Holocaust Educational Trust website, and for guidance on this year’s theme ‘The Power of Words’.

If you have any questions when organising your event, contact Kathryn Rose or Sam Gold

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