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Background on the NUS Report 2023

Background on the NUS Inquiry  

On 19th May 2022, The National Union of Students (NUS) announced that Rebecca Tuck KC would lead an independent investigation into allegations of antisemitism within NUS. This is the eighth investigation to explores antisemitism within NUS since 2005. The investigation has looked at recent allegations as well as historic matters and broader culture. The NUS Board announced an investigation into antisemitism following numerous complaints of antisemitism in the run-up to the 2022 conference.  

 This conference was marred by the invitation of a known conspiracy theorist, Lowkey, as a headliner. The report found that “the only reasonable interpretation of advertising performance timings and the availability of alternative spaces was to enable Jewish students to avoid the performance.  This was entirely inappropriate and unsatisfactory.” (p.94) Furthermore, the report confirms that, in spite of Lowkey being invited by NUS elected officers NUS staff “informally approached the SU venue” hosting the event to express “concerns about hosting Lowkey leading to the invitation to perform being revoked” (p.94).  

In an open letter, signed by over one thousand Jewish students, UJS said that Jewish students were “scared, distressed and upset and feeling that NUS is not a safe place for them” and suggest that NUS had created “climate of fear”. The full letter can be found here.   

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