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UJS Presidential Candidates 2019

Here are your UJS Presidential candidates 2019!


In order to vote, you will have had to register on the UJS website prior to 12pm on Tuesday, 3rd December. Registered members will receive a voter key via email with a link to vote from Election Buddy - make sure you check all your mailboxes as well as your junk mail. Please contact us if you have any issues.

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Register on our website to vote here!


These are your candidates for UJS President 2019-2020! Have a look at their manifestos and campaign videos below!


Etan Feingold, University of Nottingham

'I’m Etan Feingold and I study at the University of Nottingham. Whilst being on the largest JSOC in the country I’ve had time to see what works and what doesn’t. So, I’ve got a three-point plan to make real change for every Jewish student in this country. From day one as president, I will increase funding for all JSocs. I will fight antisemitism at the very core and I will campaign for a UJS member discount for all EL AL flights. This three-point plan will absolutely help to make campus a more safe, prosperous and engaging place for every Jewish student.'

Click here for Etan’s full manifesto, here for plain text version and here for his campaign video!

James Harris, University of Birmingham

'I’m James, the former Birmingham JSOC President, a UJS delegate to the Board of Deputies and  Birmingham rep at the NUS Conference. Currently, too many Jewish students in the UK and Ireland don’t engage with UJS. That’s what I am trying to change. If elected, I’ll work to engage as many of those students as possible with our national organisation, building a movement that fights on the issues that matter to them. Every UJS President needs a plan where to take UJS. That’s why I’ve created my 2020 vision that is sure to be a ‘spectacle’!

Click here for James’ full manifesto, here for plain text version and here for his campaign video!

Voting opens on Monday the 25th, if you have registered on the UJS website and are a Jewish student then you should receive a voting key by email, if you have not received this by Tuesday please get in touch with [email protected]

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