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UJS Presidential Candidate Nominations 2020 - NOW OPEN

Students, it’s your turn!


Want to be the UJS President 2021-22? Want to represent 8,500 Jewish students nationally and internationally? Want to lead your national union, create ground-breaking campaigns and combat antisemitism on a national scale?

How to be nominated:

Prospective candidates must complete the attached form and email it to our returning officer Izzy by midday on Monday 16th November. You will need the nominations of 10 Jewish students from at least 5 different J-Socs. You will also be required to email photos of the ID cards of each of your nominators. Your nomination will not be processed until both the completed form and the photos of university IDs have been received. After nominations close, you will receive more information about your candidacy.

Election timeline:

All deadlines will be at midday on the date specified below. 

2 November 2020  Nominations Open

16 November 2020 • Nominations Close

18 November 2020 • Candidates Announced

22 November 2020 • Presidential Hustings

23 November 2020 • Voting Opens

4 December 2020 • Voting Closes

6 December 2020 • Results announced at UJS Conference

Campaign materials:

Candidates will be required to send the following materials to our returning officer Izzy for the candidate announcement on Wednesday 18th November. These materials must also be submitted by midday on Monday 16th November:

  • A manifesto, which could outline your campaign policies or your experience. The manifesto must be a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 550. If presented in poster format, a plain text manifesto must also be submitted.
  • A video, which could introduce you as a candidate or your campaign. This video must have a maximum length of 30 seconds and include subtitles.
  • A photo, in which your face can be clearly seen.
  • An op-ed for the Jewish Press about you and your campaign of approx. 400 words, to be published during the voting period


If successful in this nominations process, candidates will be required to attend 2 meetings:

  • With the returning officer on Tuesday 17th November at 6pm. This meeting will detail the code of conduct and election rules. It will be held over video call, and candidates are permitted to invite their campaign managers to the meeting too.
  • With the CEO Arieh Miller. Who will meet with each candidate and arrange this meeting around the candidate’s academic commitments. This meeting contains a briefing so that each candidate has the same key information on UJS heading into the election. The meeting will take place at a point between the confirmation of candidacy and the start of voting.


Successfully nominated candidates will be invited to attend and take part in a hustings on Sunday 22nd November. This will be livestreamed, take part virtually, and questions will be submitted by students in advance. 

We would like to remind prospective candidates at this stage that campaigning is not permitted until midday on Monday 23th November. Please direct any complaints or queries to the returning officer Izzy.

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity and exercise of Jewish students’ democratic rights in their grassroots union. Candidates’ well-being is our priority throughout the election process. Please contact the UJS President or any of the UJS team throughout the election process for impartial welfare support. More information on the election, including budget and code of conduct, will be sent to successfully nominated candidates after nominations close.


James Harris, UJS President 2020-2021

This process has been approved by the returning officer. The election will be run in accordance with the UJS constitution and bye-laws.

In order to be able to vote, please ensure that you are registered on our website.

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