Latest Updates

President’s Update, 1 of 12: July, feat. team training and getting ready

Latest Updates

President’s Update, 1 of 12: July, feat. team training and getting ready


New year, new team, and we can’t wait to start delivering for Jewish students across the UK and Ireland!

It is really important to us that you, the students, know what we are getting up to and that we are fulfilling our commitment to represent Jewish students on campus. Over the next 12 months you can expect to see monthly ‘what have we done’ blogs from me, your President, to keep you updated on everything we’ve been up to.

So here’s a rundown of what’s gone on at UJS so far…

We appointed a Returning Officer 


Cannot believe this was already 8 months ago!

The Returning Officer’s job is to run our Presidential election, ensuring you can have your say in electing the next year’s leadership. This keeps UJS democratic and representative, giving you a voice to shape the future of your union. Keep an eye out for when nominations open in a couple of months!


Met with organisations across our community


Speed dating, UJIA style

Working with other organisations means we can create new projects and collaborations on campus, so you can enjoy an even wider array of activities (think Dancefloor Fusion, Shabbat UK, Mitzvah Day, Incubator…)

Working with organisations that cover religious, cultural, political, and social aspects of Jewish life, we can build more tailored projects, making sure there really is something for everyone on campus.


Three weeks of staff training 


Apparently, compressions to the beat of ‘Staying Alive’ won’t actually keep you alive…

From meeting Rabbinic leaders to working on inclusivity with Keshet and Jami, plus qualifying as first aiders, we’re ready to deliver on campus in the year ahead. During the three weeks of Chazon training, we heard from different people and came up with new ideas, learning how to help make Jewish life on campus as inclusive and fun as possible.


Went to Israel


JW3 beach is great and all, but there’s nothing like the real deal

In Israel we met cultural, social and political groups (find out more in Grace’s blog), and learnt about different ways to bring Israel onto campus, so you can engage with it the way you want to.


Planning campaigns and programmes


More incredible events like this heading your way soon...

So that you can have the best year possible, full of Jewish activity on campus!

We have some really amazing projects coming to life this year, and invite you to be a part of these either on campus, or as part of UJS’ national network of Jewish students. It couldn’t be easier to get involved, and so when this term begins, sign up to your J-Soc, come along to their events and watch out for the UJS team on a campus near you!

This is blog one of 12. UJS out.


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