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STUDENT'S GUIDE TO THE HIGH HOLY DAYS: Rosh Hashanah (first edition)

At University for the High Holy Days? Rosh Hashanah right around the corner? Not sure what events to plan? Well, worry no more, as UJS have created the first in the series of A STUDENT’S GUIDE TO THE HIGH HOLY DAYS! Beginning with the Rosh Hashanah edition, this will give a brief introduction to the festival, as well as some great ideas of events to host on your campus. With a range of talking points, poetry, recipes and many more ideas, this is a great foundation to planning events for your J-Soc, that are as  cross-communal as possible.

By including ideas inspired by students across campuses, this has created an educational resource that is useful to every J-Soc, big and small.

It has also been made so that each J-Soc can tailor it to their own community and make every Rosh Hashanah event unique. Each J-Soc can utilise these guidelines and begin to foster further ideas on how to celebrate the High Holy Days. This is a resource that will keep on expanding and we are extremely excited about its release. This is a great addition to services on campus, and a great way to come together. With the Yom Kippur booklet on its way, use this resource to its full capability!

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