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Sam Gold - Campaigns Officer

I grew up in Borehamwood (Hertfordshire), having been in Jewish education my whole life. I then progressed to the University of Leeds to study politics where I was the first Gold (in my family) to have gone to university. My passion, as some already know, lies with my beloved Arsenal, and I have been known to talk about football a little too much.

My Jewish life on campus was spent predominantly in a political sphere, where I was an activist for UJS. I wasn’t on J-Soc committee, but spent a lot of time campaigning and supporting Israel and Jewish students in Leeds. As part of my endeavours on campus I became NUS delegate for Leeds in 2016, then got elected to Democratic Procedures Committee in 2017 having sung my heart out in front of the 900 in attendance (please don’t search this, I’m telling you in complete confidence...)

My interests as co-Campaigns Officer are to help UJS expand the scope of their activism, whilst maintaining a firm ground on what makes us so important and influential as an organization. I am also extremely passionate about preserving the memory of the Holocaust, and feel it is an obligation of the student movement to help in this.

The past year has been an incredible one for Jewish students, and I am honoured to be able to keep on the good work as Campaigns Officer at UJS!

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