Statement on incident at UCL

There can be no excuses for the events that took place at UCL last night. The fact that such violence and hostility took place only 9 months after the incident at KCL, with police having to once again be called, is an absolute disgrace.

UCL Friends of Israel were simply trying to engage students in discussion on Israel, but instead were met with a wall of intolerance and intimidation aimed at shutting down free speech. 

It is reassuring however that, despite the acts of the protestors, the event went ahead as planned with around 50 engaging in peaceful and positive discussion on Israel and Palestine. We are also glad to say that all students at the event were reported safe. 

We would like to commend the organisers of last night's event for their commitment in ensuring the event went ahead as planned. Despite the hostility, Jewish and non-Jewish students alike, across the country, will never stop engaging in constructive debate around Israel/Palestine. 

It is imperative that UCL and UCLU take action following last night's events and we will be working with UCL Friends of Israel to ensure just that. Whatever your position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there is no place for intolerance and intimidation like was seen last night at UCL on university campuses. 

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