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Welcome to the UJS Team 2019-2020

We are excited to announce the UJS Sabbatical Team 2019-2020!

After multiple rounds of interviews, we are so excited to have put together the team to work with your J-Socs over the next year. Everyone is looking forward to facilitate and support your activities on campus. Esther and all of the other officers can't wait to continue leading, defending and enriching Jewish life on Campus in UJS' 100th year and beyond. Keep reading to find out more about the new team!

Esther Offenberg

Hi, I’m Esther and I am your UJS President for the year 2019-2020!! I come from an Israeli family and grew up in Berlin until I flew over to do a Psychology degree at the University of Birmingham. I had no idea what to expect but quickly got involved in my J-Soc as events officer, preparing J-Soc FND with my committee, UJS and many other things. I loved getting the chance to live out my Jewish identity in a whole new way, while also having a part in shaping and creating experiences for others. I also really enjoyed playing rubgy and doing MMA in my uni time along with the occasional cooking livestream with my housemates for my ones of viewers. I’m really looking forward to the coming year, working with students up and down the country, empowering them and supporting them in their exciting endeavors. So if you have any ideas for your J-Soc, your campus or more national projects, please reach out to us!

When I’m pretending to take a break from being a keeno, you can catch me on big and smol adventures with friends, trying to learn another language or knitting extremely slowly while binging Netflix shows.

Daniel Kosky

My name is Daniel and I’m from London! I went to the University of Nottingham where I studied Politics and International Relations. I will be continuing my role as Campaigns Organiser. I am most excited for working with thousands of Jewish student in order to make sure they have the best lives on campus as possible. 

I grew up in London, spending my secondary school days at JFS. From there I went onto studying at the University of Nottingham, where I graduated with a degree in Politics and International Relations. It was at Nottingham where I found my passion for student activism, becoming Campaigns Officer of my J-Soc and representing my students' union at NUS Conference as a delegate.

I am now entering my second year as Campaigns Organiser at UJS, where I develop and set the political strategy for organisation and build relationships with key stakeholders including government, MPs, vice-chancellors, student movement leaders and community partners.  All this is done to make sure Jewish students have the best possible experience on campus and to facilitate Jewish students’ engagement in social and political activism on their campuses.

Outside of work, a big pastime of mine is following Tottenham Hotspur around the country and spending time with family and friends.


Bradley Langer

Hi! My name is Bradley Langer.  I am from Essex and attended Coventry University studying Economics.  I am excited to be joining the UJS team next year working as a sabbatical officer with emphasis on campaigns. I would describe myself as passionate, energetic and outgoing.  While studying I got involved in my J-sSoc being on committee 2 years and taking over as president in my final year of study.  I also got involved in student politics being elected as the student safety officer and representing my University at NUS national conference. I am very excited specially to get to visit so many J-Socs, attend amazing events and help Jewish students run incredible campaigns. My favourite J-Soc events were always bagel lunches with smoke salmon and cream cheese being the best fillings.

Georgia Boroda

My name is Georgia Boroda, I am from Manchester and currently attend Birmingham University. I will be taking on the position of ‘interfaith and social action officer,’ and am most excited about working with students, from a range of backgrounds, to improve campuses. Having always been involved with the Jewish community, as part of youth movements and charity organisations, I could not be more excited to remain involved by working for UJS. During my time at university I participated in a programme, in which students from various faiths joined together to implement a social action project. The experience emphasised the impact students, from different backgrounds, with varied cultural understandings and nuances, could have on improving the university experience. I hope to foster this level of cross-communal cohesion as the interfaith and social action officer.

Lauren Lethbridge

Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m from Essex! I studied History at Lancaster University and am incredibly excited to be a sabbatical officer for UJS, focusing on Holocaust Education. I’m most excited about travelling to different universities and meeting lots of new people; to see what makes each university J-Soc so special! I went to King Solomon High School, and graduated from Lancaster University with a BA in History, a complete change from the Essex Jewish bubble! On my J-Soc committee, I had the honour of being both social secretary and president, which allowed me to see the J-Soc grow, and showed me how important and welcoming the Jewish community can be. Not only am I looking forward to travelling to different J-Socs and meet new people, but as part of my role at UJS, I will be focusing on Holocaust Education, an area which I am passionate about, and am keen to help students develop in the coming year.  In my spare time, I am a keen Netflix addict, love talking about my dog (or talking in general!) and flaunting my terrible dancing skills

Shiri Wolff

My name is Shiri Wolff and I am from Israel but I grew up in Prague. I attended Lancaster University and the position I will be taking at UJS is Sabbatical Officer, focusing on communication and Israel trips. I am really looking forward to supporting and meeting Jewish students across the country. In 2016, after attending the English International School of Prague, I moved to the UK two months after turning 18. I went to Lancaster University to study BSc Human Resource Management as well as minoring in Marketing. I served as treasurer in my second and third year of University and attended UJS summit twice. I never really knew what it meant to be 'Jewish' until I started attending J-Soc and am excited to continue exploring my Jewish identity as well as supporting others to do the same. I am really looking forward to meeting, working and supporting Jewish students across the country with their events and expressing their Jewish identity, in particular through communication (Also excited to see the fab events J-Socs put on during the year) :)

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