Our People

UJS Former Presidents


Former Presidents and Chairpersons of the Union of Jewish Students

The UJS President is elected each year by current students. The results are announced at the end of the UJS Annual Conference.


Edward Isaacs 2023-2024 Bristol University EdwardIsaacsPicture.jpg
Joel Rosen 2022-2023 University of Cambridge, Trinity Hall  
Nina Freedman 2021-2022 Bristol University  
James Harris 2020-2021 Birmingham University  
Esther Offenberg 2019-2020 Birmingham University  
Hannah Rose 2018-2019 Bristol University  
Josh Holt 2017-2018 University of Nottingham  
Josh Seitler 2016-2017 London School of Economics  
Hannah Brady 2015-2016 King's College London (BA) University College London (MA)  
Ella Rose 2014-2015 University of Nottingham  
Yos Tarshish 2013-2014 Manchester Metropolitan University  
Alex Green 2012-2013 University of Birmingham  
Daniel Grabiner 2011-2012 University of Leeds  
Alex Dwek 2010-2011 University of Manchester  
Adam Pike 2008-2010 University of Manchester  
Jessica Truman 2007-2008 Manchester Metropolitan University  
Jonathan Levy 2006-2007 University of Manchester  
Wallace Rosenberg 2005-2006 University of Manchester  
Dan Sacker 2004-2005 University of Manchester  
Mark Ross 2003-2004 Queen Mary University of London  
Alan Senitt 2001-2003 University of Birmingham  
Ashley Hirst 2000-2001 University of Manchester  
Ruth Bookatz 1999-2000 University of Manchester  
Adam Dawson 1998-1999 University of Leeds  
Danny Newman 1997-1998 University of Oxford  
Susie Simmons 1996-1997 Manchester Metropolitan University  
Nick Cosgrove 1995-1996 University of Hull  
David Kaplan 1994-1995 University of Glasgow  
Tony Danker 1993-1994 University of Manchester  
Robert Sumroy 1992-1993 University of Cambridge  
Ian Myers 1991-1992 Manchester Polytechnic  
Howard Silverman 1990-1991 Keele University  
Jonny Mendelsohn 1989-1990 University of Leeds  
Stephen Kurer 1988-1989 University College London  
Paul Frosh 1987-1988 University of Cambridge  
Ashley Harshak 1986-1987 University of Newcastle upon Tyne  
Adrian Cohen 1985-1986 London School of Economics  
Simon Myerson 1984-1985 University of Cambridge  
Matthew Kalman 1983-1984 University of Cambridge  
Sam Clarke 1982-1983 University of Sheffield  
Sam Jacobs 1981-1982    
Danny Joseph 1980-1981 University of Leeds  
Rowel Genn 1979-1980 Queens University, Belfast  
David Waxman 1978-1979    
Moshe Forman 1977-1978    
Simon Caplan 1976-1977 University of Oxford  
Mark Dines 1975-1976 University of Manchester  
Melvyn Kay 1974-1975    
Andrew Jacobs 1974-1975    
Phil Shilco 1974 King's College London  
Alan Freeman 1973-1974 School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)  
David Bloch 1972-1973 University College London  
Rosalind Nysenbaum 1971-1972 Queen Mary University of London  
Arnold Wagner 1970-1971 Middlesex University  
David Rosenberg 1969-1970 University of Glasgow  
Alan Baker 1968 University College London  
Gordon Hausmann 1967    
Alan Gold 1966    
Leslie Wagner 1965    
Mike Hunter 1964    
Justin Phillips 1963    
Edgar Neufeld 1955-1956    
Mr Benjamin 1956    
Michael Saltman 1954    
Geoffrey Silver 1950-51    
Chaim Herzog 1941-1942 University College London  
Lionel Stoll 1933-1934    


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