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UJS Student Awards 2019 - And the nominees are...

Latest Updates

UJS Student Awards 2019 - And the nominees are...

After receiving nearly 100 nominations and deliberating for a long time, we are delighted to announce this year’s nominees for the 2019 UJS Student Awards!

Education Project of the Year (in honour of Fred Worms OBE)

  • Louise Aron, Leeds J-Soc
  • Ben Freeman, Manchester J-Soc
  • Emmett Stone, York J-Soc
  • Jodie Stuart, Brighton and Sussex J-Soc

Social Action Project of the Year

  • Sara Felberg, Leeds J-Soc
  • Dalia Landau, Leeds J-Soc
  • Emily Tanner, Edinburgh J-Soc

Interfaith Project of the Year

  • Eliorah Goodman, Manchester J-Soc
  • Greta Grossman and Isabelle Tarsh, Durham J-Soc
  • Hertfordshire J-Soc
  • Lauren Keiles and Sally Patterson, Leeds and Bristol J-Socs

Liberation Activist of the Year

  • Sara Felberg, Leeds J-Soc
  • Emma Jacobs, Leeds J-Soc
  • Sally Patterson, Bristol J-Soc
  • Sheffield J-Soc

Israel Engagement Initiative of the Year (in partnership with UJIA)

  • Ari Deller and Stav Salpeter, Edinburgh University Palestine- Israeli Dialogue Society
  • Imperial Israel Society
  • Warwick JISoc

Campaign of the Year (in partnership with CST)

  • Elliot Bloom, Adam Grossman, Emma Jacobs and David Legmann, Leeds J-Soc
  • Cardiff J-Soc
  • Essex J-Soc
  • Eliana Friend, City and CASS J-Soc

Event of the Year

  • Becky Collins, Harrison Engler and Nina Morris Evans, Oxford J-Soc
  • Goldsmiths J-Soc
  • Tilly Grossman, Manchester J-Soc
  • Inbar Langerman, UCL J-Soc
  • Tory Selwyn, UEA J-Soc

Emerging Student Leader of the Year

  • Dominic Casoria, Lancaster J-Soc
  • Adam Dickson- Carman, York St John J-Soc
  • Shaked Kirsh, Heriot Watt J-Soc
  • Sabrina Miller, Bristol J-Soc
  • Stav Salpeter, Edinburgh J-Soc
  • Peter Strauss, Oxford J-Soc

J-Soc of the Year

  • Bath J-Soc
  • Hertfordshire J-Soc
  • Lancaster J-Soc
  • Oxford J-Soc
  • Sheffield J-Soc
  • Warwick J-Soc

Alan Senitt Outstanding Contribution to Campus Life

To be released at a later date- watch this space!

You can still RSVP to join us for this wonderful evening here!

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