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Freshers 2016, thanks for having us!

Latest Updates

Freshers 2016, thanks for having us!

As the whirlwind of Freshers 2016 draws to a close, we’re proud to say that we’ve been to over 40 of your campuses. We’ve met countless Jewish freshers and caught up with old friends, enjoyed kosher sweets and homemade brownies at some far-flung campuses and we even heard the Shofar at a few fairs!

We posted some of the highlights from the first week here, so if you haven’t seen that, check it out. Here are some of the best moments from the second and third weeks of Freshers:

Hull J-Soc signed up 20 members including Jewish, non-Jewish and international students. J-Soc President Jenni was delighted that UJS J-Soc Officer Zach was at the fair: ‘Hull J-Soc may be small but the presence of UJS means that the society doesn’t feel small, instead we feel connected to other J-Socs and feel a part of the Jewish student community.’ The J-Soc are now looking forward to their pre-Yom Kippur feast next week – good luck!

Cardiff J-Soc welcomed 20 new members this week, who joined existing members of the society at a free Friday Night Dinner with a fantastic attendance.

Reading J-Soc, accompanied by J-Soc Officer James, signed up so many people that they ran out of Schlep bags!

With over 100 sign-ups (and an unmissable coloured sign), Bristol J-Soc enjoyed a fantastic fair with J-Soc Officer Louise.

Manchester J-Soc enjoyed a visit from alumnus and Israel Engagement Officer Emanuele who was excited to visit his old campus for Freshers, where he helped the J-Soc to sign up 25 new members.

Swansea J-Soc live-streamed their stall at their Freshers' Fair!

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