Law Network

Are you interested in law? Want to pursue networking opportunities? Hear keynote addresses from top lawyers? Connect with like minded students? Look no further than the UJS Law Network.

We will be setting up mentoring opportunities, social mixers, talks with top lawyers from different fields, application advice and support, and much more. We will be running events with top lawyers, giving you the opportunity to hear from those at the pinnacle of their careers, gaining valuable advice and an insight into their working life. 

Our first Law Network event will take place on 10th February. We'll be speaking with Adam Wagner, leading human rights barrister and campaigner at Doughty Street Chambers. We'll be speaking with him about a variety of cases he's worked on, the relationship between his religion and his career, and getting his advice for future barristers. Click here to submit any questions you have for him, and stay tuned to this page for more updates about the law network!

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