Welcome to university

So you're going to university - congratulations! This is the start of a really exciting period, but it can also be a little nerve-racking, especially if you don't know what to expect. Fortunately, we're here to help.

Navigating your campus: Student Union, university and societies

The best way to find out about your university campus is to visit the websites of your chosen university and Student Union. You should also attend the Freshers’ Fair at the beginning of the academic year (see below).

Students' Union – Students' Unions are separate from universities. Their main role is to represent students and accommodate their needs, including: learning facilities, accommodation inquiries, finance and welfare support. The Students' Union is run by elected students on a sabbatical year with regular general meetings or councils, allowing every student to put their views and ideas forward. You may also have heard about Societies at university - these are groups of students with shared interests, and the groups are affiliated to the Students' Union. For more information visit the NUS website.

Student Services Centres – In addition to the Student Union services, many universities offer professional advice on a number of issues, including healthcare, exam timetabling and appeals.

Societies – At your Students' Union's Freshers’ Fair you can find out about all of the societies affiliated to your Student Union. There are societies for sport, music, languages and much more. Don’t forget to join your Jewish Society - you can find your local society in our A-Z of J-Socs.

Find out about security, health, finance, accommodation and kashrut (keeping kosher) at university on our website. For further information on starting university, visit the National Union of Students website, and remember you can always get in touch with us directly.

About UJS

We are the voice of over 8,500 Jewish students, spanning 60 Jewish Societies (J-Socs) on campuses across the UK and Ireland. We are traditional, progressive, cultural and spiritual; we come from the left, centre and right and can be found across religious and political spectrums.

Together we create and deliver powerful campaigns; fighting prejudice, advancing inclusion, and inspiring education and action on the issues that matter to us. 


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