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Achashverosh on Trial

Join LSJS for an exciting in person and online event in the run up to Purim!

Was the Persian king of the Purim story a bumbling fool or a conniving despot? Did Haman manipulate him to destroy the Jews or was he an anti-Semite himself? And what of his treatment of Vashti and Esther?

We have gathered great legal minds to debate this historic case. Drawing on contemporary and traditional arguments, and driven by eloquence, humour and special guests., this courtroom drama will deepen our appreciation of the Book of Esther.

This event is free, although pre-booking is essential. Click here to book!


LSJS have also kindly discounted all events for students. Please enter the code UJS50 to receive a 50% discount for all events and courses (not Ulpan). 



February 27, 2022 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm


Online, or in person at LSJS

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