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Challah Bake For Hostages

On Thurs 8th Feb, JSocs across the UK and Ireland will be baking challah to honour the 136 hostages who have been imprisoned in Gaza since Hamas' attack on October 7th, campaigning to Bring Them Home Now.

To organise the challah bake, which UJS will be subsidising at £3 per participant, print enough hostage posters, available here, for each person coming to your challah bake. If there are some hostages who mean more to you, perhaps because they are student-age, then feel free to use these posters.

Recipes for the challah bake can be found here, and a vegan recipe here. Print enough of these so that everyone coming to the challah bake can see a recipe. Buy the ingredients before the bake, and also buy mixing bowls and measuring cups. If you need help buying this, speak to your UJS Sab and they can help. 

At the bake, put up a hostage poster for each person. People should make the dough, and if appropriate for your JSoc wait for it to proof before they plait the challah and take it home to bake it.

Take lots of photos at the challah bake and send them to your UJS Sab for social media. UJS will share the photos, as part of the nation-wide Bring Them Home Now campaign.

If you have any questions, speak to your UJS Sab!


February 08, 2024 at 6:00pm - 9pm

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