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Manchester JSoc's Chanukah Friday Night Dinner

Join us on the 1st of December for a spectacular JSoc dinner, marking the inaugural event hosted by our new committee! Get ready to celebrate Chanukah in style with a themed evening filled with delicious food, great company, and festive vibes. Don't miss out on the joyous start to the weekend - come along and share in the warmth and excitement of this special occasion. 


TICKETS ARE COMPLETELY FREE as part of UJS's Friday Night Dinner Project


Dietary Requirements
If you have any dietary requirements it is vital that you let us know so we can make accommodations - to do so either message (see below) or DM the Instagram page. All food will be Kosher (certified by Manchester Beth Din). We cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment.

Accessibility Information

Unfortunately, due to the venue of this event, there is limited wheelchair access with the lower level being accessible through a temporary ramp, and while the main dinner will be taking place upstairs (pertaining to the space that is available and catering restrictions), there will be a quieter table available downstairs for those with sensory issues (or just prefer a quieter environment) which will be wheelchair accessible.

Attendees accompanied by a support worker or carer are welcome, and please contact us to arrange a free carer ticket for admittance (due to current security requirements we will need to know the name of your carer/support worker before coming to the event).

Although we strive to make our events as inclusive as possible, we’re aware that we can miss some issues and accomodations so please contact us if you have any additional accessibility questions or requirements which haven’t been addressed.


I'm not religious, is this event for me? Absolutely - anyone is welcome, and every FND we have a huge range of students from different backgrounds - this is a very social event!

How many people will be there? Last time we had almost 90 - and that was before we got nearly 50 new freshers!

What should I wear!!!??? Honestly whatever you want! Most people tend to go for a smart casual vibe but anything from pyjamas to black tie will do!

What kind of food will there be? Think a classic FND but on a bigger scale and with loads of drink!

I have an access requirement. No problem, be sure to read the information above and drop us a message :)

Where is the location? It's at the GE in Fallowfield please DM if you don't know it!




December 01, 2023 at 7:30pm -


Sam Niman · +44 7827 229567

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