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Collecting Inclusive Judaism Leeds

Leeds Jewish students are warmly invited to an event in collaboration with the Jewish Museum. The project is called Collecting Inclusive Judaism, and is aimed at collecting photos from a wide range of Jewish people - whether Sephardi or Mizrachi, across the religious and political spectrum. This will also be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about how museums curate their collections and collect photos and artefacts. The workshop will be very interactive and will be a chance to share your stories. 

It will be hosted by the Leeds representative council and will be a chance to get to know the wider Leeds Jewish community!

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What do I bring to the workshop?

You can bring:

A digital image on your phone that you feels best represents your Jewishness. There will be a Bluetooth setup to share your image.

An object that you feel best represents your Jewishness. There will be a camera to capture your object.

A physical image that best represents your Jewish identity. There will be a digitisation machine to scan your image.

How will my images be used?

Well, that is up to you! All images will become part of the museum's collection, but the use of these images are up to you. Upon submitting your image, you will be asked to fill in a quick survey to confirm how you wish your photographs to be used, including:

In museum programming (e.g. tours, exhibitions etc.) For educational purposes (e.g. in museum school workshops etc.) ..and more (e.g. in school classrooms etc.)


March 12, 2023 at 4:00pm - 6pm


MAZ Centre
Dora Hirsh · · 07361 488 535

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