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Approx Jewish Students on campus - 15+

Our number one aim is to create a Jewish community within Coventry and educate students about Judaism, Jewish or not, all are welcome!

Being part of CUSU's Jewish Society will enable you to make loads of new friends from all different backgrounds and will be there for you, lending a helping hand whenever you need during your time at Coventry University. We have lots planned for this year and are so excited to get started and share with you what we have been working on all summer long - a year you wont forget.

We often put on joint events and collaborate with Warwick and Birmingham J-Socs to offer a larger variety of events. 

Kosher Food & Accommodation

Kosher food is very limited. Friday Night Dinners are Kosher, with meat supplied by various Kosher butchers. Subsequent Kosher food can be brought in by Rabbi Fishel, the West Midlands Chaplain, upon request. 

Local Synagogue Information

There are no synagogues in Coventry, however there are in nearby Birmingham. 

The UJS Officer for this campus is Edward

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