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Approx Jewish Students on campus - 25+

Here at Exeter we are a small, pluralist, a-political JSOC, this means we welcome all and do not take political stances as a community. This however does not mean that we are not active and engaged on campus and with the wider world. We often have events were we invite key note speakers to engage in debate and conversation with our members. We also have weekly events which tend to alternate between a Friday night dinner and a social. Friday night dinners are generally vegetarian and are an atmospheric place where we can all spend time together at the end of the week, they also sometimes centre around a theme. The last three years we have also put on our flagship event which is the Exeter JSOC Purim Ball. This is a great way to share Purim with our friends at Exeter and we aim to keep the prices low so this ball is accessible to everyone!


President: Rebecca Selt to get in contact e-mail rs737@exeter.ac.uk


What is your most memorable moment as J-Soc President?

I am only just beginning my role as J-Soc President, however I spent first year working with he committee as a Freshers’ rep. My most memorable moment would have to be meeting such an incredible group of students through the society, and I hope I can continue to create that same atmosphere for other students this year.


What is your favourite event you have attended?

The Purim Dinner.


Whats the best thing about Exeter J-Soc?

Being a smaller JSOC means everyone gets to know each other really well.


Kosher Food & Accommodation

There is kosher accommodation dependent on demand.


Local Synagogue Information

There is an active synagogue in Exeter with a range of different services from Orthodox to Cultural. Please message our chaplin Tony Reese if you want to attend a service.


The UJS Officer for this campus is Lauren

About UJS

We are the voice of over 8,500 Jewish students, spanning 60 Jewish Societies (J-Socs) on campuses across the UK and Ireland. We are traditional, progressive, cultural and spiritual; we come from the left, centre and right and can be found across religious and political spectrums.

Together we create and deliver powerful campaigns; fighting prejudice, advancing inclusion, and inspiring education and action on the issues that matter to us. 


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