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Bridge the gap between art and politics through the following creative pieces. Use this page to learn how art can bring people together, through a message of peace, and provide evidence to the lived experiences of people in Israel and Palestine. 



Raquel Marin - The New York Times.



'There Is Here': The Art of Coexistence in Umm El Fahm by Iris Afek

Afek paints sleeping children - innocent and lost in their dreams. The drawings are of  Afek's grandchildren, and the multitude of Israelis she met when she volunteered in kindergartens in south Tel Aviv. The meeting of the old children overwhelms the question - will they all be able to fulfill their dreams when they grow up?



Taylor Callery - The Wall Street Journal.  


DIPAOD3.jpgIsrael and Palestine” is a Caricatures By PONTET drawing
which was uploaded on April 8th, 2009 - Fine Art America.



Art on the Gaza-Israel border barrier, photo taken by
Cole Keister Asia Society.



'My bother I seek' by Avigaill Bar Natan

The painting shows the two brothers Yaakov Plai, 6 years old, and Asher Plai, 8 years old, who were killed in an terrorist attack at the beginning of February in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem, holding the hands of Hillel Menachem Yaniv and Ya'akov Yaniv, who were killed in an attack near Hawara about a week later. 

The painter Avigail Bar Natan wanted to show the shared fate of the brothers and how they were not separated even in death.

‏ The quote is taken from Genesis 37:16 when Joseph was looking for his brother.

‏ "I'm looking for my brothers," Joseph replied.  "Do you know where they are?



Seen at an Israeli expat-led demonstration against Israel’s
government and its judicial reforms in London - artist unknown.


DIPAOD6.pngAhmad Grabli from AFP, for the contest “Local Testimony”
- 1st place winner in the “News” category.

The photo was taken during a Muslim prayer in Ramadan,
during the 2022 riots in the Temple Mount and Al-Aqsa Mosque.


Ohad Zwigenberg from "Haaretz", for the contest "Local Testimony"
- 1st place winner in the "society and community single photos" category.

The photo was taken in December 10th, 2021 during the
evacuation of Sheikh Jarrah. The sign says in Hebrew “no to occupation”.



Artist unknown (translates as "I have a hole in my heart shaped like you").

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