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UJS Freshers Trip


 Are you...

  • Starting University this year?
  • Want to lead campaigns on campus that promote peace, dialogue & respectful debate?
  • Want to be prepared for campus life?
  • Want to become the next big student leader?
  • Want the leadership skills and knowledge to do so?  

This is a 6-day trip to Israel where you will learn from the experts, meet senior policy makers and gain vital skills and knowledge to give you the confidence to be a leader on campus! Having finished school and looking for ways to
prepare yourself for campus life, this is your opportunity to put yourself a step ahead when you arrive to halls!

You’ll see first-hand the real and complex current situation and you’ll be introduced to multiple facets of Israeli
society through a social, cultural, political and religious lens, and Israeli and Palestinian voices on the conflict.
Not only this, but you will build a network of students from universities across the UK.

To sign up for this once in a lifetime opportunity fill out the form below! 


This trip will run from the 30th August - 4th September 

£300 per person (this includes flights and accommodation, with options to extend flights)


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