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Hannah Sharron - Communications Officer


With family spread around the world, it's unsurprising that I love to travel. I'll tell anyone who will listen (and sometimes, people who'd rather not) about my summer camp in California and the city of Modiin, near Tel Aviv, where my parents, sister and dogs live.

Summer camp gave me a love of country music, tie dye and being outside, especially in forests and on the beach. I highly appreciate chocolate biscuits, and have therefore learnt to enjoy running. I automatically distrust anyone who thinks the Harry Potter movies are better than the books; in fact, I love reading and analysing texts, which is why I studied English Literature at university. 

During my studies, I was involved with UJS' national programmes, including going on Manhigut, representing UJS at the World Union of Jewish Students conference, attending various UJS conferences and leadership programmes, participating in UJS campaigns and developing as an activist on my campus. My UJS journey has given me countless opportunities, encouraged me to think critically, helped me to find my voice as a leader and led to me finding my home within the Jewish student community; it is a journey that I am still enjoying as a member of the UJS team.

I have been the Communications Officer at UJS, managing social media, our website and press relations since I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2016.

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