Issues still exist following NUS' clarification of ARAF policy

Whilst we welcome the fact that only Jewish members of NUS NEC will elect the Jewish ARAF representative, there are still issues following the clarification of the ARAF policy. The 8,500 Jewish students in the UK will continue to have no say on their sole representative within NUS' structures, meaning that once again, Jewish students are not being listened to.

Though there are Jewish members on NEC, none of these have been elected by Jewish students. They cannot be held to account by Jewish students, showing the need for an autonomous decision by those students.

Malia failed to consult with Jewish members of NEC following last week's decision, and failed to consult with them during the process that culminated in her decision for representatives to be elected by self-identifying caucuses. It is extremely concerning that only Malia and the proposer of the amendment discussed the election process. This has been an area of extreme contention and therefore should have included the relevant groups, including Jewish members of NEC. 

Additionally, we find it very problematic that Malia is yet to answer the question put to her at NEC regarding her inadequate response to Jewish students' concerns, as well as her plans to address antisemitism in the year ahead. Jewish students deserve an answer and deserve proof that Malia and NUS are willing to take action against antisemitism, not just offer empty words.

Regarding Malia's response to Cambridge University Students' Union, despite what she has said, no UJS representative has met with Malia since the afternoon of her election. There has been no contact from Malia since April, and crucially since she began her presidency. Due to her failure to adequately address the concerns of Jewish students, we have no intention of meeting her until she explicitly does so. 

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