MCR Welcome FND

The first Friday Night by JSOC is back this week!! And Chef Daniel's Indian Menu looks BaNGiNg!


What is MCR JSoc about you say??

Well, we up in the North pride ourselves on our diverse JSoc, as well as home students we have plenty of international Jewish students who join our JSoc each year. We have Friday Night dinners, interfaith events, social events (Jewphoria), Hebrew Meet ups and of course Religious celebrations on festivals and Shabbats.

At Manchester JSoc, you are welcome regardless of your upbringing or religious status. No matter if you are an Orthodox North London Jew or a secular Tel Avivian, we've have and probably have had pretty much everyone in between - so you sure won't be the first and you sure won't be the last!

And you've probably experienced Friday Nights, but what is an FND at Manchester?

Our FNDs are student made and no two are the same, they are brought to you with the JSoc committee's dedicated preparation. We've hosted, Italian, Indian, Israeli, Moroccan, American, Classic and there's more to come! Make sure you grab your tickets to support the JSoc and keep these Friday nights coming. 




Phones Policy

We aim to create a mutually respectful & fully inclusive environment at the Friday Night dinners that JSoc host so that they are comfortable for everyone to come to - therefore we have a 'no phones at the table policy' and we ask that, should you need to use a phone, please do so with discretion and respect for those at the meal.



November 15, 2019 at 7:30pm - 11:30pm


The Usual Place (please message committee on Facebook for more details)
Man JSoc (Facebook) ·

Will you come?

£5.50 Non-member (Vegetarian)
£5.50 Non-member (Meat)
£4.50 Member (Vegetarian)
£4.50 Member (Meat)
£4.00 Early Birds
Send us a message regarding meal preference (Meat/Vegetarian)

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