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New Pres, Who Dis?

Latest Updates

New Pres, Who Dis?

Hi everyone, my name is Nina. Bristol graduate, massive keeno and now UJS President.  

I took what you could say is a conventional approach into Jewish student activism: Jewish school, youth movement, UJS Fresher’s Trip, J-Soc President and so on. As I have moved through each stage of my UJS journey, my keenness and belief in UJS has only grown.  

It is this enthusiasm and heart that I hope to bring to the role. After an especially difficult year for students, we need a UJS that is exciting, devoted and present. I feel very lucky to be leading UJS in a year where we have the opportunity to reconnect with all 8500 students across the country and reinvigorate our relationships with in-person events. 

In an ever-changing and uncertain world, some things are permanent. UJS has showed unwavering support for Jewish students during the past year and I have my predecessor James, and his amazing team, to thank for that. Our duty to Jewish students is not reliant on our proximity to them or the number of times a term a sabbatical officer can visit them. We remain the voice of Jewish students no matter how widely the pandemic may spread. 

With this lesson learned over the past year, I step into this role at a pivotal time. I hope to learn from the struggles of the past year in order to bring us forward into a new, post-covid world. With Jewish students at the heart of all we do, this year will provide the opportunity to connect with them and realise new, innovative projects. 

I plan for this year to be filled with even more of the amazing work UJS does, from combatting antisemitism to supporting vibrant student life on campus. I want UJS to be more representative, diverse and intersectional and will work hard to achieve these aims. After my year in office, I hope that Jewish students will feel have full confidence in us to support and represent them and will be able to maximise the connections that we share.  

I see the role of President, more than anything, as a champion for Jewish students. I promise that I will support and fully back you in all of your endeavours. I will be your strongest advocate and your keenest cheerleader. I will always do my best to represent you all and won’t shy away from the tough conversations needed to achieve our goals.  

I can’t wait to get onto campus and meet you all in person very soon! 

Nina Freedman 

UJS President 2021-22. 

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