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On this page you can find a selection of testimony from our members



Louis Danker, Edinburgh JSoc

Through JSoc I’ve found a diverse and loving community, been to amazing events with hundreds of other young Jews and met some of my favourite people in the world. UJS have been a massive part of that, stepping up to the plate with incredibly generous leadership, campaigning and financial support for even the JSocs furthest away from the biggest Jewish communities.


Hannah Loveridge, University of the Arts London JSoc

UJS provides support not only to large JSocs who have regular events with large turnouts they are also working one to one with students, helping build new micro-communities across the country and making sure that Jewish students can feel safe and supported in studying at any institution they choose.  

Joel Herman, Leeds JSoc

To me, JSoc is a place I truly feel at ease, and with the prospects of university life sometimes being daunting, it is always great and reassuring to be part of a loving JSoc community, supported by the help we receive from UJS.  



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