Sukkot Meals - Oxford JSoc

If you would like to attend services, please book in advance via the OJC Sukkot booking form by Wednesday 30th September.

There are separate events for Chol Hamoed meals, and meals for Shabbat in Week 0 (9-10th October).


Meal Times: TBC


Sukkot Times:

Fri 2nd Oct - festival/Shabbat starts: 6.21pm

Sat 3rd Oct - candle lighting after: 7.27pm

Sun 4th Oct - Yom Tov ends: 7.24pm


Fri 9th Oct - Yom Tov/Shabbat starts: 6.06pm

Sat 10th Oct - candle lighting after: 7.11pm

Sun 11th Oct - festival ends: 7.09pm

October 02, 2020 at 6:21pm - October 10, 2020
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Will you come?

£3.00 Sukkot 8 (Sun 11th Oct) - veggie
£3.00 Sukkot 8 (Sun 11th Oct) - meat
£3.00 Sukkot 7 (Sat 10th Oct) - veggie
£3.00 Sukkot 7 (Sat 10th Oct) - meat
£3.00 Sukkot 3 (Sun 4th Oct) - veggie
£3.00 Sukkot 3 (Sun 4th Oct) - meat
£3.00 Sukkot 2 (Sat 3rd Oct) Dinner - veggie
£3.00 Sukkot 2 (Sat 3rd Oct) Dinner - meat
£3.00 Sukkot 2 (Sat 3rd Oct) Lunch - veggie
£3.00 Sukkot 2 (Sat 3rd Oct) Lunch - meat
£3.00 Sukkot 1 (Fri 2nd Oct) - veggie
£3.00 Sukkot 1 (Fri 2nd Oct) - meat

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