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September has been a busy month, that’s for sure!

In continuing our support of Jewish students through our nearly 70 incredible J-Socs, the UJS team have been discussing with J-Soc committees around the UK and Ireland how we can be working closer with and providing more for Jewish students.

Further to this, we were pleased to host our first ‘J-Soc Chazon’ – a bespoke day of virtual training for J-Soc Committees geared towards how to host J-Soc events digitally, hosting in person events, where possible, and provided an opportunity for your UJS team to meet J-Soc Committee members from around the country, helping to plan a range of innovative, peer-led events in the lead up to the new year.

Of course, our support for J-Socs and Jewish students does not focus on just one day in the year – our support of all Jewish students this year will be unwavering.

Throughout the last month, we have been supporting freshers seeking to find kosher accommodation and have been working with communal partners to call on universities to not timetable lectures and seminars on Saturdays.


This month, I want to showcase just some of the great work done by your UJS Sabbatical Team and Shlichim providing for Jewish students:

  • Shiri Wolff: Over the last month, our communications expert, Shiri, has been ensuring that Jewish students are front and centre in everything we do, highlighting and recognising your achievements through vibrant and original digital content on our social media and in the press.


  • Gil Rubin: Gil has been developing an incredible network of grassroots social action and interfaith activists, paving the way for UJS to run more exciting, peer-led campaigns and initiatives on issues that matter to YOU.
  • Amanda Sefton and Bradley Langer: Our Campaigns team have revamped our Antisemitism Awareness Training to make it more interactive and compatible for digital use. In the last 2 months alone, they have hosted close to 40 digital training sessions for Students Union Officer Teams around the country to equip them with the necessary tools to fight antisemitism on campus and to ultimately keep Jewish students safe.






  • Carine Levi: Carine has been planning some inspiring events, sessions, and speakers to bring Israel to campus and to allow Jewish students to engage with the Jewish state


  • Dovi Wieder: Being new to the UK, Dovi has thrown himself into this year by meeting incoming freshers at FZY’s Jewniversity day, providing an insight into Jewish student life and Israel engagement on campus.

Leading into the busy freshers’ period, we cannot wait to meet you as you start your university journey! And for those who are returning, we are looking forward to seeing you again, either in person or digitally!

In the meantime, to get involved with all of our activities both on and off campus, register on our website here.

I’d like to wish all of you a Shana Tova!

James Harris | UJS President 2020-21

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