Queen Mary

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Approx Jewish Students on campus - 50+

Our committee consists of 6 members, we just changed the name last year from Queen Mary Jewish Society to Queen Mary Jewish and Israel Society.

President: Ethan Fraenkel

What is your most memorable moment as J-Soc President?

"My most memorable moment of the last year as part of the Jsoc was when we decided to clean the 18th century Jewish Cemetery on campus for Mitzvah Day. It meant a lot."

What is your favourite event you have attended?

"Favourite event was an event organised by our Jsoc last year when the spokesperson of the Israeli embassy came to talk on campus."

Whats the best thing about Queen Mary's J-Soc?

"Being unite, bringing Jewish values on campus and defending Israel and its right to exist."

Kosher Food & Accommodation

'Our campus does not offer any kosher food. However, I intend to change this for the coming and following years!'

Some kosher food is available, visit www.aberdeenhebrew.org.uk/kashrut.html

Local Synagogue Information

The closest synagogue from our campus is “Bevis Mark” from the S&P with as chief Rabbi, Rabbi Joseph Dweck


About UJS

We are the voice of over 8,500 Jewish students, spanning 60 Jewish Societies (J-Socs) on campuses across the UK and Ireland. We are traditional, progressive, cultural and spiritual; we come from the left, centre and right and can be found across religious and political spectrums.

Together we create and deliver powerful campaigns; fighting prejudice, advancing inclusion, and inspiring education and action on the issues that matter to us. 


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