Statement on KCL event with Dan Meridor last night

‘Once again UJS is deeply disappointed that those wishing to attend a talk by KCL Israel Society were intimidated and harassed. Approximately 60 protestors with placards and banners sought to drown out the speaker, Dan Meridor, former Deputy Prime Minister of Israel.

‘Debate and discussion are vital aspects of university life, as is the right to protest. However, intimidating those who try to hear a variety of views with chants of ‘Shame’ is not conducive to informed and respectful dialogue, which should be front and centre of university life.

‘Additionally, chants of ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free’, calling for the destruction of Israel, were heard at the protest last night. UJS has consistently argued that this open demand for Israel’s destruction must have no place on any campus.

‘We shall continue to work with CST to ensure the safety and security of Jewish students at university. On this occasion, the university security officials assured the event organisers that demonstrators would be kept outside the building. Sadly, this did not happen and the shameful scenes of attempted intimidation then ensued. We are now in contact with students and campus security at Kings College London, seeking constructive actions regarding both this event and the future.’

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