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UJS Student Awards

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The annual UJS Student Awards is the opportunity to recognise everyone who has contributed and dedicated themselves to Jewish life on campus. It’s a time for students from all over the country to come together and celebrate their work and their achievements.

For 2022 for the first time, every winner will receive a UJS trophy and a valuable prize pack. 

In true celebratory style, this year’s student awards will be a fabulous dinner in a central London location, so dress in your best to impress! Spaces are limited so book now to make sure you don’t miss out! With music, drinks, food and awards, this is like the classy J-Soc ball you’ve always dreamed of! Open to all current students and there will be opportunities to network with some glamorous UJS alumni.

Any activity that has taken place since April 2021 , which was not been nominated last year, is valid for nomination. You can nominate your own event/project, or a friend’s. If you have any questions, please contact Emma 


RSVPs close on Sunday 3rd April!


Thursday, 7th April 6pm


Central London Location

Will you come?

Student Awards Shortlist

Education Project of the Year (in partnership with the LSJS)
  • Daniel Mautner, Huddersfield
  • Glasgow J-Soc
  • Oxford J-Soc
  • Emilia Peters, Durham

Social Action Project of the Year  (in partnership with Mitzvah Day)
  • Edinburgh J-Soc
  • York J-Soc
  • Erin Waks, Durham
  • Emilia Peters, Durham
  • St Georges J-Soc

Campaign of the Year (in partnership with CST) 
  • Daniel Mautner, Huddersfield
  • Lucy and Miles, Liverpool
  • Guy Dabby-Joory, Oxford

Interfaith Project of the Year 
  • Emilia Peters, Durham
  • LSE J-Soc
  • Nottingham J-Soc
  • Emily Bassalian, Cambridge
  • Jack Saideman and Nina Bassalian, LSE

Keeping Jewish Enrichment and Engagement Alive on Campus  
  • Nina Bassalian and Jack Saideman, LSE
  • Josh Freedman, Birmingham
  • Joseph Gavzey, Leeds
  • Jodi Mejury, Dublin
  • Gemma Jacobson, Cambirdge
  • Rob Auerbach, Imperial

Israel Engagement Initiative of the Year (in partnership with UJIA) 
  • Begzat, City
  • Boruch Mordechai Michaels, Manchester
  • Cambridge J-Soc
  • Fabio Pavoncello, UCL
  • London Business School
  • Melanie Goldberg, Glasgow

Event of the Year (in partnership with Moishe House)
  • Elie Elmalem and Joel Azulay, UCL and Queen Mary J-Soc - TLV Takes LDN
  • Imperial J-Soc - Channukah on Ice
  • Glasgow J-Soc - J-Soc Ball
  • Lara Kay & Lucy Ross, Nottingham - J-Soc Ball
  • Sussex J-Soc - The Big Friday Night Dinner
  • Emma, Hertfordshire - LGBTQ+ Event with JW3
  • Daniel Mautner, Huddersfield - Priday Night Dinner

New J-Soc of the Year (in Partnership with UJC)
  • Reading
  • Huddersfield
  • London Met
  • Birkbeck
  • Central School of Speech and Drama
  • Brunel

J-Soc of the Year
  • Manchester
  • LSE
  • Birmingham
  • Hertfordshire
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds
  • Dublin
  • UEA

Alan Senitt z”l Outstanding Contribution to Campus Life (final year students only)
  • Tory Selwyn, UEA
  • Dora Hirsh, Sheffield
  • Daniel Mauter, Huddersfield
  • Joel Azulay, Queen Mary
  • Erin Waks, Durham
  • David Legmann, Leeds

Maurice Helfgott Award for Leadership 
  • Rebecca Franklin, Hertfordshire
  • Sam Niman, Manchester
  • Lucy Weiniger, Birmingham
  • Davina Mahgerefteh, Warwick
  • Daniel Burns, UEA
  • Eleanor Tobelem, St George's

Volunteer of the Year (in partnership with JVN)  
  • Grace Silverstein, Leeds
  • Jess Baker, Leeds
  • Jischai Wyler, Cambridge
  • Davina Mahgerefteh, Warwick
  • Jessica Sebbag, Uni Law
  • Student Poland Volunteers

Nomination Criteria

The following information gives an idea of what the selection panel will be looking for, but is not exclusive to these things.

Education Project of the Year (in partnership with the LSJS)

For a project that:  

  • Focuses on a range of topics, including but not exclusive to:  
    • Religion  
    • Politics  
    • Holocaust Education  
    • Philosophy  
  • Can be peer-led or run by a speaker  
  • Either regular events or one-off  
  • Inclusive – Open to the J-Soc or to the wider community.  
  • Has had a big impact  
  • Worked behind the scenes  
  • Embodies UJS’ values  


Social Action Project of the Year (in partnership with Mitzvah Day)

For a project that:  

  • Encourages positive social change in local or national communities and/or on campus  
  • Worked tirelessly on logistics and dedicated to making a change.  
  • Put on events, which could include, but not exclusive to:  
    • Fundraisers  
    • Mitzvah day  
    • Period Poverty  
    • And more  


Interfaith Project of the Year (in partnership with Stand Up!)

For a project:  

  • That brings people of different faiths together  
  • Has a positive impact on faith communities  
  • Active in interfaith networks and spaces  
  • Can include:  
    • Social events  
    • Educational events  
    • Interfaith Friday Night Dinners  
    • Representing the J-Soc in interfaith panels  
    • And more  


Israel Engagement Initiative of the Year (in partnership with UJIA) 

For an initiative that:  

  • Engages with Israel in a productive manner  
  • Can be political, educational, social, charitable, etc.  
  • Makes an impact on the conversation around Israel on campus  
  • Shows creativity in the thought process around engagement  


Campaign of the Year (in partnership with CST) 

For a campaign that:  

  • Includes events and/or social media  
  • Raises awareness and support of an issue  
  • Can tie in with a national UJS campaign or be independent  
  • Topics such as:  
    • Jewish education  
    • Liberation 
    • Mental health  
    • Politics  
    • Social action  
    • And more  


Event of the Year (in partnership with Moishe House)

For an event that:  

  • Can be any size – it’s about the quality not how many people came  
  • Made a positive impact to the Jewish students   
  • Is different to the J-Soc’s usual events  
  • Shows initiative and creativity  
  • Embodies UJS’ values  


Maurice Helfgott Award for leadership 

For a student who:  

  • Has made a large contribution to Jewish Life on campus  
  • Has shown excellent leadership on campus or in the community  
  • Is continuing to positively impact their Jewish Community  
  • Open to all opportunities  
  • Dedicates their time (often without credit)  
  • Dedicated to making a difference.  
  • Will go on to have an impact on the Jewish and wider community  
  • Embodies the values of UJS in their leadership  


J-Soc of the Year 

For a J-Soc that:  

  • Goes above and beyond to provide for its members, creating a Jewish home away from home  
  • Offers regular and a variety of events throughout the year  
  • Shows progress and development from the previous year  
  • Has shown great initiative during Covid-19 Pandemic   
  • Not necessarily the biggest J-Soc, or the J-Soc that offers events every week  


Keeping Jewish Enrichment and Engagement Alive on Campus (in partnership with the Board of Deputies)

This award is for a group or individual who has shown dedication during the year to bring Judaism to Jewish Student.   

  • Can be any size – it’s about the quality not how many people were involved  
  • Made a positive impact to Jewish students   
  • Was a one off or regular activity 
  • Showed initiative and creativity  


Volunteer of the Year (in partnership with JVN) 

To thank a student for the many devoted hours of encouragement and help they have given both inside and outside the community.   

  • Made a positive impact  
  • Supported others   
  • Shown exceptional dedication to volunteering  


New J-Soc of the Year (in Partnership with Jewish Chaplaincy)

For a J-Soc that:

  • Established (or re-established) within the last 3 academic years 
  • Creates a vibrant Jewish life on campus 
  • Supports Jewish students 


Alan Senitt z”l Outstanding Contribution to Campus Life (final year students only) 

In memory of Alan Senitt z”l, UJS President 2001-2003. Alan was a role model for those working with him, inspiring young leaders and empowering those around him.  He was an inspirational community leader and political activist with a great passion and belief for all that he did and with a great future ahead of him.  

For a student in their final year who has:  

  • Shown exceptional dedication to contributing to Jewish life on campus throughout their time  
  • Is both a leader and an example to others  


Nominations have now closed

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