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UJS Trips to Israel and the West Bank - SIGN UP NOW

Join UJS for a unique trip to hear perspectives from different people and cultures, Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs, and see sites and experiences never seen before. 

With visits to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramallah and more, this trip is guaranteed to excite and challenge participants in equal measure, promoting the idea of productive discomfort and expansive immersive education. 

Click the link below to register for one of the following trips:

Manhigut (14-19 April) - This trip will explore Israeli/Palestinian politics and participants will develop leadership skills through meetings with grassroots and political activists, Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, political engagement across peacebuilding and grassroots initiatives, and also explicitly addressing flashpoints of the conflict.

Art of Dialogue (25-30 April) - This trip will explore how the arts are used in political expression, and how creativity can bring communities together. The trip will include meetings with Israeli and Palestinian artists and performers as well as visiting areas in Israel and the West Bank well known for their art. 

Start-up Nations (25-30 April) - This trip will look at thriving start up incubation in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramallah. Participants will meet with Israeli and Palestinian business leaders, innovators and influencers promoting growth and collaboration in the region. The trip will help build connections across many diverse industries through meetings with top businesses and leading start-ups.

Freshers' Israel Trip (28 Aug - 1 Sept) - For all those starting Uni or an eligible course in September 2023. This trip will explore how the Israel/Palestine conversation plays out on campus, equip participants for those conversations, and meet with high level and exclusive speakers across the Israeli and Palestinian leadership


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