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UJS reaffirms its unequivocal support for a two state solution

"UJS Policy UJ6 states our unequivocal support for a Two State Solution through a process of negotiation and reconciliation - a Policy mandated democratically by Jewish Students over many successive years, most recently in 2018.

Our job is to successfully represent the collective interests of Jewish students who have a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. As such we regularly raise concerns and questions with communal bodies, the Israeli Embassy, and other national and international bodies in both high level and operational meetings.

UJS National Council’s role is to provide feedback from students about student initiatives, to meet regularly with and scrutinise the President, to pass amendments to UJS' by-laws, and to support the president in upholding the core values of the Union - Cross-Communalism, Peer-Leadership, Representation and Israel Engagement.

UJS has already committed to raising the concerns of National Council with the Israeli Embassy, and will continue to represent the views of our student body in every forum we can.

Esther Offenberg UJS President "

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