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UJS Student Awards 2019- Nominate now!

Latest Updates

UJS Student Awards 2019- Nominate now!

Please send in your nominations here by 19th March.

The annual UJS Student Awards is the opportunity to recognise everyone who has contributed and dedicated themselves to Jewish life on campus. It’s a time for students from all over the country to come together and celebrate their work and their achievements. 

We give awards for a host of different activities, from one-off events to extended projects, as well as a J-Soc’s overall contribution to Jewish life over the year. Awards aren’t just given for the event with the most attendees, the biggest J-Soc, or the campaign with the most social media likes. It’s given to students who have made a tangible difference to their campus. That might be a Friday night dinner for less than 10 people, or it might be a ball for 200. Now is the time to celebrate the students who work tirelessly and voluntary for their peers.

Any activity that has taken place since March 2018 whcih has not been nominated last year is valid for nomination. You can nominate your own event/project, or a friend’s. If you have any questions, please contact Louise.

Please send in your nominations here by 19th March.

The following information gives an idea of what the selection panel will be looking for, but is not exclusive to these things.

Education Project of the Year (in honour of Fred Worms OBE)

For a project that:

  • Focuses on a range of topics, including but not exclusive to:
    • Religion
    • Politics
    • Holocaust education
    • Philosophy
    • Any other topic
  • Can be peer-led or run by a speaker
  • Either regular events or one-off
  • Inclusive, open to everyone
  • Has had a big impact
  • Embodies UJS’ values

Social Action Project of the Year

For a project that:

  • Encourages positive social change in local or national communities and/or on campus
  • Can include:
    • Fundraisers
    • Mitzvah day
    • And more

Interfaith Project of the Year

For a project:

  • That brings people of different faiths together
  • Has a positive impact on faith communities
  • Can include:
    • Social events
    • Educational events
    • Interfaith Friday Night Dinners
    • And more

Liberation Activist of the Year

For a student that:

  • Has dedicated their time to educating others about Liberation
  • Has provided a platform and space for students to speak about their experiences 
  • Continues to be an Activist for their particular Liberation Network
  • Has facilitated inclusive spaces that celebrate marginalised groups

Israel Engagement Initiative of the Year (in partnership with UJIA)

For an initiative that:

  • Engages with Israel in a productive manner
  • Can be political, educational, social, charitable, etc.

Campaign of the Year (in partnership with CST)

For a campaign that:

  • Includes events and/or social media
  • Raises awareness and support of an issue
  • Can tie in with a UJS campaign or be independent
  • Topics such as:
    • Jewish education
    • Mental health
    • Politics
    • Social action
    • And more

Event of the Year

For an event that:

  • Can be any size – it’s about the quality not how many people came
  • Made a positive impact to the Jewish students on campus
  • Is different to the J-Soc’s usual events
  • Shows initiative and creativity
  • Embodies UJS’ values

Emerging Student Leader of the Year

For a student in their first year who has:

  • Has made a large contribution to Jewish Life on campus in just a short time
  • Has shown excellent leadership on campus or in the community
  • Is continuing to positively impact their Jewish Community
  • Embodies the values of UJS in their leadership

J-Soc of the Year

For a J-Soc that:

  • Goes above and beyond to provide for its members, creating a Jewish home away from home
  • Offers regular and a variety of events throughout the year
  • Shows progress and development from the previous year
  • Not necessarily the biggest J-Soc, or the J-Soc that offers events every week

Alan Senitt Outstanding Contribution to Campus Life (final years only)

In memory of Alan Senitt, UJS President 2001-2003. Alan was a role model for those working with him, inspiring young leaders and empowering those around him.  He was an inspirational community leader and political activist with a great passion and belief for all that he did and with a great future ahead of him.

For a student in their final year who has:

  • Shown exceptional dedication to contributing to Jewish life on campus throughout their time
  • Is both a leader and an example to others
  • Has left an impact on their local Jewish community

Please send in your nominations here by 19th March.

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