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Brexit deadlock: Speak up for your future!

Latest Updates

Brexit deadlock: Speak up for your future!

At UJS Conference 2018, Jewish students voted to support the campaign for another referendum on Brexit

Specifically, this policy mandates UJS:

  1. To support efforts by youth and student groups including, but not exclusive to, NUS to lobby Members of Parliament for a public vote on Brexit.
  2. To campaign for the rights of EU students in the UK and UK students studying in Europe.
  3. To encourage Jewish community voices to support a public vote on Brexit

Now that the Prime Minister’s deal has been voted down by Parliament, our country’s next course of action is unclear. There is no apparent parliamentary majority for the current withdrawal agreement, a no deal exit, or the other options suggested in recent weeks.

With the Prime Minister expected to return to parliament with a “plan B” early next week and the Labour party’s policy including backing a second referendum as part of their options after the attempt to prompt a general election failed, now is the time to add our voices to the campaign for an informed choice on if and how we leave the EU.

This is not a party-political issue; MPs from across the spectrum have endorsed the call for another referendum. In recent weeks support has grown across the House of Commons and from within the business community.

We look forward to working with organisations that campaign for the best deal for students and young people, such as For our Future’s Sake [FFS]. UJS members looking to join in activity directly can find out more here:

You can also watch the livestream from the upcoming Board of Deputies plenary where UJS President Hannah Rose will be speaking and, in line with our policy, encouraging Jewish community voices to support a public vote on Brexit.

At UJS, we value and celebrate the diversity of our students’ political views and continue to welcome debate on Brexit. Mindful that a motion at UJS Conference 2015 for our union to back Remain in the 2016 referendum narrowly fell, we are clear that whilst our recently decided policy is to support another referendum, we have no settled position on which options should be on the ballot or encouraging our members to vote a certain way in any referendum should it be forthcoming.

During the debate at our conference that led to this policy passing it was clear that there are students in favour of Brexit and those that do not support there being another referendum. Whilst these members will understandably not wish to engage with the campaign options above, we hope they will get active in seeking a positive resolution to the current impasse and add their voices to campaigns on Brexit next steps that are aligned to their views.

The next few weeks are crucial for our generation and whatever your views on Brexit we hope our members will engage thoughtfully and proactively in seeking a way through the current political stalemate.

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