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Approx Jewish Students on campus: 20+

During term time this year we have provided Friday night dinners for some food and a great laugh. There have also been film ‘n’ falafel nights to relax from the hustle and bustle of your course. When enough students are available we offer Hebrew classes, but this is dependent on turn out. We do trips to synagogues and the local orthodox rabbi is at hand to provide a helping hand... and food. Out best event was our Chanukah party which involved a lot of food, games and student antics. We have a fun and friendly community and are all here if any help is needed with course work and social difficulties. Cardiff JSoc offers both religious and non-religious social events for students to get stuck in with.

Cardiff JSoc may only be small but we are going strong. We are also available to students attending the University of South Wales. We look forward to meeting everyone who is on their way to Cardiff. 

Campus Notes

Cardiff is a very safe city and fairly cheap for students. When it comes to nightlife we have a huge Student Union with our own club called SOLUS as well as our pub called the TAF. In town there are many clubs and pubs if you fancy a drink and a bit of a dance. Not only is there a good night life but during the day you can roam the numerous shopping centres and shops for a bargain then rest in one of the many coffee shops or cafes. If history takes your fancy you can always visit the castle in the middle of town or the museum, which is a short walk from the university.

Kosher Food & Accommodation

There are no kosher shops but some supermarkets stock kosher products. There are regular orders of kosher food from London.

There is a residential Hillel house with space for 4 students. The JSoc also host their events there.

Local Synagogue Information

There are two synagogues

Cardiff Reform Synagogue (Reform)
Cardiff United Synagogue (Orthodox)

The UJS Sabbatical Officer for this campus is Alison

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