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Approx Jewish Students on campus - 100+

The Edinburgh Jewish Society is a friendly, pluralistic society. Students from all Jewish backgrounds and anyone interested in Judaism or Jewish culture are welcome to join in on all of our programming and social events, from Friday night dinners to weekly bagel lunches.

Edinburgh J-Soc is a warm and welcoming society located in a great city. It is not far from places like Durham and Glasgow and there is a good relationship between J-Socs in the Northern Region.

President: Ella Lambert

What is your most memorable moment as J-Soc President?

"My most memorable moment at J-Soc was going to Juefa because I’d never played football before and embarrassed myself a lot."

What is your favourite event you have attended?

"The best event was the Burns ball because it was such an amazing mix of people there and it was so much fun to see the final product of all our planning"

Whats the best thing about Edinburgh J-Soc?

"The best thing about J-Soc is meeting like-minded people from all around the world and a warm and welcoming environment."

Campus Notes

Old Town, Grassmarket, Newtown, Bellevue/Canonmills and Leith are all popular student destinations with a variety of pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants that will appeal to all students. The Royal Mile is also good for cafes, restaurants and pubs and the Edinburgh University Student Union is great for club nights.

Kosher Food & Accommodation

There are a number of supermarkets within walking distance of the city centre that stock kosher food, including challah. There are also fortnightly shipments from Mark's Deli in Glasgow which arrive at the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation, the orthodox synagogue in Edinburgh. 

Unfortunately, there is no kosher accommodation for students, but it is certainly possible to maintain kashrut in private accommodation, and a number of students do this each year. The Jewish Society is happy to offer help to this end.

Local Synagogue Information

There are two synagogues in Edinburgh:

The Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation  is the city's Orthodox synagogue

Sukkat Shalom is the Liberal community

There is also a Chabad on Campus

Furthermore, there are occasional student-led egalitarian Friday night prayer services

The UJS Sabbatical Officer for this campus is Shayna 

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