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Education and Community Network

The Education and Community Network provides you a space to connect with students and apprentices across the UK and Ireland who are also interested in a career in education or within the community. There will also be opportunities for talks and sessions by various people in the industry currently. Sign up here


LSJS Teacher Training Scheme:


For students who are currently training to be teachers:

In September 2023, The Board of Deputies of British Jews launched the ‘Jewish Teachers Network’ (a modernised version of what used to be the Jewish Teacher’s Association). This is an informal network for Jewish teachers working in non Jewish schools/colleges. Teachers in Jewish school are also welcome to join if it will help them! We are very happy to welcome trainee teachers into this network too. The purpose of it is for teachers to be able to:

  •  Network (socially and professionally)
  • Access support, both from other members of the network and the BoD
  • Share ideas, good practice, resources and concerns with other members of the group
  • Receive case specific support and guidance from a member of BoD staff if needed (regarding antisemitism, religious freedoms or teaching about Judaism/antisemitism)
  • Informal zoom get togethers plus online (facebook) forum for discussing and sharing info
  • Speakers on topics of interest

For more information and to be on a mailing list email [email protected]. Please also join the Facebook group ‘Jewish Teachers Network UK’.


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