Uyghur Campaign

How To Help?

So, what can you as a Jewish student do to help? Campaigning for Uyghur freedom is going ahead at full force and there are many organisations working within the space that you can get involved with. You can also use what you’ve learnt to spread the word in your J-Soc, friendship groups, and social media. Below are some of the ways you can help: 

Become a StopUyghurGenocide Ambassador 

StopUyghurGenocide are looking for student ambassadors at universities up and down the country to join their growing team. They aim to help provide student leaders with the tools and apparatus to make a difference and take action. You can help on the ground at your campuses, or by supporting with graphic design and other skills!

StopUyghurGenocide are a cross-community, cross-party coalition of all faiths and none, led by the World Uyghur Congress, London Office (Direct, Rahima Mahmut), they work with a wide variety of campaign groups, the general public and extensive parliamentary contacts. 

To get involved, email [email protected] or [email protected] 

Write to your MP

Use this UJS and René Cassin letter template to write to your MP demanding that they sign the pledge and work towards these goals in parliament. Remember to get your friends to do the same! 

Bring the word to your campus 

Hosting an educational event with your J-Soc is a good way to spread the word quickly. This can also be held with other faith societies and be made into an interfaith event! Get in touch with Gil to host a UJS event or in conjunction with Rene Cassin!

René Cassin also has a ready-made pack for a Human Rights Shabbat that you can bring to your J-Soc:

Join a campaign 

There are many great organisations who are coordinating actions on this issue. Sign up to StopUyghurGenocide to take action in their latest campaigns targeting companies that are tied to Uyghur forced labour, and like the JewsForUyghurs page to hear about upcoming rallies in London! 



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