Shlichot Sessions 2024

Israeli History Sessions 2024

On this page you can find many different sessions on Israeli History offered by our Shlichot, Adi and Linoy. Fill out this form to arrange for them to visit your campus! To view the other categories check out our other Shlichot Sessions. 

The story of path to peace 

The story of the unique project "Path to Peace" is located on the border wall that divides the Gaza Strip and Israel in Moshav Netiv HaAsara. As part of the session, we will decorate stones for the wall which will be sent to Israel. 

Navigating Our Jewish Story 
Since October 7th it hasn’t been an easy time, and our Jewish identity took on a stronger and more present meaning in our daily lives. In this session we will examine our connection to the Jewish story - what brings us closer to our Jewish identity? Which stories in the Jewish history feel unrelated to us? And how does Israel fit into all of this? 
Walking together between events, stories and places, we will go through the "Jewish timeline" built from different events that relate to the Jewish identity of each of us in different ways. In the activity, you will have the opportunity to reflect on which events are more or less important to you personally, which in the end we will gather for a joint discussion about the different effects that each of us experiences on our Jewish identity, and how this manifests in who we are today. 

Harmony in Conflict: Exploring Israeli Music Across Wars
The fate of Israel has always been intertwined with wars over Israel’s right to exist. And just as every war has its own battle story, it too has its music - and over the years many songs have been written about Israel’s various wars.  

Join us for a session where we will study and analyze the wars through songs, poetry, music, and a discussion on the question of how the wars shaped Israeli culture. Divided into small groups, we will make a comparison between different songs from different periods that were written in essential times for the Israeli people – for example, the Yom Kippur War, the war of Independence, or the Iron Swords War. We will analyze the feelings that the writers felt in these wars, as well as the Israeli society - were they desperate and pained, or full of hope and motivation to fight? In an intimate group discussion, we will explore the spirit of the time and the feelings it brought in, which created unforgettable songs in the Israeli national ethos. 

The Kibbutz Stories 

October 7th is an event that will forever change the face of Israel. To understand the magnitude of the current upheaval felt by Israeli citizens, it is necessary to grasp the extraordinary story of the kibbutzim. Join us for an immersive exploration into the lives, ethos, and transformation of these unique communal settlements that once epitomized the pioneering spirit of Israel. Our journey will trace the evolution of these kibbutz communities, providing insights into their origins, communal values, and societal impact. 

Using the innovative tool of street view, we'll bridge the past and present, offering a visual perspective on the regions where these kibbutzim thrived. Our discussion will extend beyond the historical context to analyze the implications of this transformation on Israeli society. We will navigate between the influence of the kibbutzim on the Israeli and Zionist story, and what happened to each of the kibbutzim on the border surrounding Gaza during the events of the "Iron Swords" war- shedding light on the ongoing narrative of Israeli identity and community life. 

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