Shlichot Sessions 2024

Israeli Society Sessions 2024

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Enough is enough: the revolution of the protests in Israel 

The Israelis, as we know, are not people who remain silent in the face of injustice. In recent years it feels like Israel is in one continuous protest, and over the years various issues have brought the Israeli people to the streets. From the economic situation, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, corruption in politics to the legal reform, join us on a journey through the history of Israeli society in its strongest and most powerful moments. But the protests in Israel tell not only a story of the search for justice, but also the story of Israeli society, of its nuances and people, the existence of a special culture that formed around the world of protests: among other things, the existence of movements, groups and unions, which became leading groups in Israeli society in its difficult times most. Through videos, music, and text, we will tell the story of the protests and the people who led them, and we will focus on the question of what kind of future Israelis aspire to, and how we are creating it, today. 

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